Occasionally I have been asked for a bio and have not prepared a complete one for years. I have always maintained that the photograph should make the photographer’s statement and declaration.


The following are a few of the highlights on the road to finally calling myself a photographer. My first introduction to photography was while stationed in Korea with the US Army. My sergeant was a Hungarian photographer and had joined the army to expedite his citizenship application. This is where I learned to develop film and make prints – however rough they were!


Upon returning to my duty assignment in the states I completed a correspondence course from the New York Institute of Photography and also the School of Modern Photography. I later attended the Glen Fishback School of Photography. Here was the place that I finally found my direction and broadened my interests in photography.


Later I served as the President of the Lafayette Photographic Society in Lafayette, Louisiana. While in Lafayette I was able to host many workshops and lectures. These were the beginning foundation of my activities in the future.

After moving to Oklahoma I served as an adjunct instructor in the Photography department at Oklahoma City Community College for several years before moving to California.


Not only have I taken many college level photography classes during the years, but also many Graphic Communication and business classes. It has also been my pleasure to serve on the Graphic Communications industry advisory board at Fresno City College for the last 25 years. Upon my recent retirement I was employed at Fresno City College as a Print, Media and Communications Manager.


For the last three years I have been the President of Spectrum Art Gallery in Fresno, California. Spectrum is the only gallery in the Central valley that is committed to the education and display of fine art photography.


Highlights of the last five years:


Exhibit – The Middle Kingdom of California, Spectrum Art Gallery, 2010

Exhibit – People of the Middle Kingdom, Spectrum Art Gallery, 2012

Exhibit – Hard Edged Hope, Spectrum Art Gallery, 2014

Exhibit – Another Season in the Middle Kingdom, Tulare Historical Museum, Tulare, CA 2014

Workshop Instructor – Experience Photoshop, hosted by Spectrum Art Gallery, eight class periods, 2015

Workshop Instructor – Experience Grunge, hosted by Spectrum Art Gallery, six class periods, 2015

Workshop Leader – Alabama Hills by Moonlight, Alabama Hills, CA, Sponsored Spectrum Art Gallery, 2015

Workshop Instructor – Experience Photoshop, hosted by Spectrum Art Gallery, eight class periods, 2016

Start January 2016


Exhibit – Altered Illusions, Co-exhibit with Robert Cochran, July 2016, Spectrum Art Gallery